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The Pen is Mightier...
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Welcome to our community

This community was founded to give writers a positive outlet to share their works with others in a comfortable environment.

This is not a ratings community nor does it require an application to join. It's open to anyone with an interest and love for writing and reading. Whether it be poetry, stories, plays, lyrics, "fan fiction" or just rants it's all welcome.

Of course, for the sake of order there are a few simple rules:

1: Be Polite. We encourage constructive criticism, but not flat out negativity. We're all here for the same reason so be mature when critiquing another writers work. No name calling bickering etc.

2: LJcut all works. This is simply to save space on everyones friends list as stories and poems can get rather lengthy.

3: Please put a note in the subject line of your post if the work contains something that would get a movie an R rating. strong language, graphic violence, adult themes etc. This isn't an act of censorship, it's just polite since some members may be offended by strong content.

4: If you don't want your writing critiqued then please turn off the comments feature on your post. Any post where comments are active will most likely get some sort of feedback.

5: No plagiarizing. This should go without saying but it will be said anyway. Unless otherwise noted, all writing posted in the community will be considered original work. If you're posting something you read and liked then you must credit the original author. If you write something based on a copyrighted work (such as fan fiction) then please mention who owns the copyright. If you're caught trying to pass something off as your own you will be immediately removed from the community.

Finally, a suggestion. please spell check your work so you don't get a hundred comments concerning misspellings and typos. If you're not sure about the the correct spelling of something I suggest Merriam Webster Online they also have an online thesaurus which is always a helpful resource.

Personal Information.
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What do you write?

Favorite Writers/books/poems/etc: (will be added to the community interests)

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