the beatnik pagan poet (beatnikbetty) wrote in writerssociety,
the beatnik pagan poet

Dead Violets 3" CD for sale

Purchase your copy of "Banish" here

The long running collaboration between Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Violet has arisen from the ashes of dormancy. Dead Violets has received a new lease on its bleak outlook on life with the appearance of its newest member, Bethany Moore, adding sultry vocals/vocalizations to the mix. "Banish" is the result of the dronecore power trio's first endeavor, and just an apperetif of upcoming audio onslaught that Dead Violets will unleash. A shiny 3" cdr that guarantees not to shine any light.

3" cdr. $6.00

Payments can be made securely using PayPal.

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